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Damit Ihr Fang sicher an Land kommt, haben wir die richtigen Angelrollen für Sie. Main page; /; Fishing Reels; /; Fishing Reels for different fishing styles; /. Main page; /; Fishing Reels; /; Spinning Reels. Spinning Reels. products. «1 · 2 · 3; 4; 5 · 6 · 7 · 8 · 9 · 10 » Katana SSB , m/ 0,20mm - 5, -. Okuma bietet eine Vielzahl von saltwater mit hochwertigem Design, Materialien und Konstruktionstechnologie, die ein fantastisches Angelerlebnis für Angler. Die Surf 8K-Spinnrolle und die Trio Rex-Spinnrollenserie sind nur einige unserer leistungsstarken spinning reels. Ergebnis 1 - 7 von 7. The beautifully designed Sedona FI is the lowest priced spinning reel of Shimano that features Shimano's HAGANE Gearing. Because of the unrivalled HAGANE.

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Main page; /; Fishing Reels; /; Spinning Reels. Spinning Reels. products. «1 · 2 · 3; 4; 5 · 6 · 7 · 8 · 9 · 10 » Katana SSB , m/ 0,20mm - 5, -. The beautifully designed Sedona FI is the lowest priced spinning reel of Shimano that features Shimano's HAGANE Gearing. Because of the unrivalled HAGANE. Decided to spend more than $50 on a reel. Watch a lot of fishing shows and they'​re always talking about Lew's. So far I like this reel. It has a very fast retrieve. Spinning Reels Daiwa Crossfire 3Bi Spinning Reels - Select Models - Daiwa Fishing ReelsSport, Angelsport, Rollen / Spulen. Tsunami Evict Saltwater Spinning Reels with Free Soft Plastic LureSport, Angelsport, Rollen / Spulen. Decided to spend more than $50 on a reel. Watch a lot of fishing shows and they'​re always talking about Lew's. So far I like this reel. It has a very fast retrieve. Gosccess fishing reels spinning reels freshwater saltwater fishing reel 14+1BB ball bearings spinning reel left/right interchangeable fishing reel: humblesorkester.se

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Front drag. Heckbremsrolle LS Bremskraft: 20kg - Schnureinzug: 84cm. Line Diameter:. Bremskraft: 5kg.

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Top 5 Best Spinning Reel Review in 2020 Spinning Reels The ideal spinning reel for you will be greatly determined by your fishing methods and where you like to go. Popular posts. The reel features 6 high-quality S A-RB ball bearing which is shielded on the both Casino Gottingen to prevent debris from clogging the bearings. However, it can still do great at near-shore saltwater fishing. This should be enough to keep your reel running smoothly.

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Daiwa Emcast 35A Spod'n Mark. Fragen Sie einfach bei uns im Angelshop nach. Fishing Reels. Senshu Psycho Spin XF. Display standard view View as List. Free Family Cast Rolle .

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Zander-Spinnrolle GP Sehr geehrter Kunde, in Ihrem Browser ist Javascript deaktiviert. Penn Sargus II Heckbremsrolle LS Senshu Japan Series F. Bremskraft: 4,95kg. Show cart. Bremskraft: 10kg. Results per Gametwist Slot 5 10 20 46 50 75 Barsch-Spinnrolle SGC Trump Gaming 4kg. Bremskraft: 3kg. Daiwa Morethan H. Bremskraft: 6kg. Shimano Stradic C FL. Bremskraft: 15 kg. Results per page 5 10 20 46 50 75 Im Zielfischprogramm zeichnen wir uns aus. Daiwa Prorex LT D. Roy Fishers. Fishing Reels-Bestsellers. Rear drag. Bei uns im Angelshop finden Sie Spiele Canasta alles was Sie zum Casino Eisenberg benötigen. Bei uns im Angelshop finden Sie fast alles was Sie zum Angeln benötigen. Wir helfen bei Fragen zum Angelzubehör. Fishing Reels.

This is a reel that will work and perform flawlessly for years to come with a little bit of maintenance. Additional Specification:.

The reel features the newly developed Magnumlite rotor which adds to the strength and cuts down weight. The reels paddle style grip ensures less fumble and slips when fighting an arrogant catch.

The grip is also hollowed out from the inside to save on weight. The reel is very responsive, thanks to its X-Ship gears producing improved gear efficiency and alignment through a double bearing supported pinion gear system.

This superior gear mesh ensures more cranking power and adds torque to your retrieve. Whether you are fighting small trout, predator fish or inshore saltwater species, this break system will not disappoint you.

The reel comes with all the latest functionality from Shimano making it an ideal gear that is worthy of adding to your fishing arsenal.

The lack of anti-reverse lever may add to some disappointment but the other outstanding features will make up for it. It is difficult to keep precise control over your fishing line while feeding line to the running fish.

Most standard spinning reels are of no good as the bail is either open or closed, or the drag is engaged. The New Okuma Trio Baitfeeder Spinning Reel solves this problem by completely disengaging the drag while the bail remains closed.

This allows the catch to run around with the bait without any restriction. The secondary micro-click rear brake ensures fine control over the biting fish while allowing it to move freely.

When required, with a turn of the reel handle knob disengages the baitfeeder system and re-engages the drive and drag.

This Crossover Construction makes the reel lightweight and sturdy with the use of graphite and aluminum on the high-stress areas. With such a powerful reel by your side, you can rest assured that you can land in the big trophy catch in your next fishing trip.

For a decade, the Sienna series of spinning reels have been the best-rated spinning reel in terms of price and quality. The new improved Sienna FE comes packed with some of the latest developments in fishing reel technology.

These exciting technologies combined make the FE spinning reel high-performing, lightweight and durable. The reel features an M-Compact body which ensures better balance by moving the oscillation gear close to the rod.

This improves the balance of the reel which in turn reducing anglers fatigue. The reel comes with a smooth and heavy duty brakes for the price point up to 9 lbs.

The Shimano Sienna FE line of the spinning reel is undoubtedly one of the best spinning reel for the price range. The reel puts up a great fight for most small freshwater to inshore species.

The 2 ball bearing may be a bit of disappointment but this doesn't affect the overall performance. You won't find a more versatile fishing reel at this price point.

Durability, smoothness, and performance are the core feature anglers expect from Penn and the Pursuit 2 couples it all in a sleek body.

The Penn Battle II is designed for anglers looking for a high-end reel at an affordable price. The mat black color with silver trimming of the Pursuit 2 makes it stand out in the crowd.

The ultralight, super tough graphite body makes the reel durable and allergic to corrosion. The anodized aluminum spool ensures strength and reduces wobbles under heavy loads.

The line capacity rings help anglers determine the amount of line remaining on the spool. The Pursuit II comes with oil felt technology which ensures drag washers are lubricated at all times.

These lubricated washers keep the drag system smooth and eliminate line and rod snaps. Penn Pursuit II is a good spinning reel for the money.

It is both high-performing and reliable that is design to perform for years to come. The Pursuit 2's wide range of fishing styles from fresh to saltwater fishing, left to right-handed cranking options makes it a versatile reel loved by many entry-level anglers.

The Pflueger President Spinning Reel is one of the most popular reels designed to deliver extreme durability and smooth performance. This fishing reel comes bundled with plenty of exciting features that are appreciated by both seasoned and professional anglers.

The reel comes with 9 stainless steel ball bearings for a butter smooth operation. The instant anti-reverse uses one-way clutch bearing which eliminates backslash improving crank control.

The Pflueger President features a double-anodized aluminum spool for better protection. The braid-ready spool comes with distinctive hole pattern further reducing weight.

The President offers larger aluminum bail wire with titanium coated line-roller which eliminates line twist. You can enjoy exceptional pull control thanks to its oil felt multi-disk drag system.

The Pflueger President is undoubtedly a top-rated spinning reel that is both durable and lightweight. The reel is designed to make sure you catch and hold the biggest freshwater species without any issue.

The use of aircraft grade aluminum and graphite makes the reel very rigid, ensuring top performance for years to come. The Shimano Spirex RG is a good spinning reel that comes packed with a lot of exciting technology with an incredible price tag making fishing a fun activity.

The reel is loved by many occasional anglers due to the fact it requires less maintenance. The reel employs the A-RB bearing system which ensures smooth cranking of the reel.

The reel features a lightweight spool with a high line capacity for more line storage. The Propulsion Line Management System ensures casting distance and eliminates line management issues.

The gear ration on the Spirex RG is on the higher side make line retrieval super quick. With a high gear ratio and double knob handle the Spirex RG can crank in line super fast.

The Shimano Spirex RG is an excellent reel that is high-performing and user-friendly. The reels two knob handle adds to the level of comfort.

But the reel may be a bit fast for few users as it is built for speed. Overall it is an excellent reel for the money.

Shout out to the ladies who love fishing. The Ladies Edition of Okuma Trio is a popular spinning reel that comes in a sweet pink color that is best suited for our lady anglers.

The reels ultralight high-performing design makes it most lay anglers go to reel. The reel uses crossover aluminum and graphite hybrid body and rotor to produce a lightweight fishing reel for both fresh and saltwater applications.

The Ladies Trio High-Speed reel features a lightning-fast gear ratio 6. The multi-disk oil felt disk ensures smooth drag pressure to hold onto a hard fighting fish.

The Ladies Trio High-Speed reel is a reel that provides for all the fishing needs of a lady angler. The reels durability, smoothness, performance and most importantly the color makes it one of the best spinning reel for ladies.

A matching pink fishing rod combo like the Santiam coupled with the Ladies Trio will make a perfect gift for your wife, daughter or mother.

The Okuma Avenger "ABF" baitfeeder spinning reel is a refined piece of fishing reel that is designed to produce results.

The reels unique combination of the Live Line Bait Feeding System and tournament grade precision makes it a popular spinning wheel amongst users. The reel comes with a multi-disk oil felt drag system that has the stopping power of a monster.

Coming in with 6 stainless steel ball bearings for smoother operation. The one quick-set roller bearings eliminate rotor back play and line tangle.

The Shimano Stradic FK is one of the most reliable spinning fishing reels you can get. This spinning reel has a full metal Hagane body and X-Ship technologies that make it an impact resistant item with enhanced cranking power and reduced flexing.

The bearings on each end of the gear keep the whole reel balanced and it also helps remove friction, allowing you to cast better and at longer distances.

This model also features a Propulsion Line Management system with a spool lip that reduces possible backlashes and wind knots.

As for its retrieval performance, the Fluidrive II design comes with all the gear polished through a wrapping process.

The reel has 6 ball bearings and 1 roller bearing, and it features an Anti-Reverse Sure Stopper that offers instant hook-setting power.

Lastly, its Dyna-Balance technology lessens vibration and augments sensitivity for an even greater fishing experience.

But because it is also so balanced, it performs with excellence when fishing medium-heavy to heavy fish species.

A Penn affordable model, the Battle II is just as great as many of their most expensive reels but for a better price.

This fishing reel is built with a full metal construction and a heavy-duty aluminum bail wire, all especially designed to provide durability and improved control over each action.

It features an HT carbon fiber drag system that offers a silky-smooth drag even under heavier loads, so you can definitely catch big fish with this one.

To manage this, the reel uses not one but both sides of all the drag washers, allowing you to fight against hard-pulling fish species.

It also has a fluid cranking thanks to its five stainless steel ball bearings, and it comes with an instant anti-reverse bearing that aids in the elimination of rotor backplay.

Likewise, its spool presents a rubber gasket that keeps the fishing line steady even under pressure, which also lets anglers use braided line if preferred.

This is a great spinning reel for saltwater as it truly delivers in design and engineering. It will not only hold against corrosion but also against strong and hard-pulling fish.

This President spinning reel is a great mix of affordability and effectiveness. It is specially designed to provide anglers with a low budget a reliable fishing reel they can get a good catch with.

This spinning reel not only has an elegant design but it is also made of the best materials: with an aircraft grade aluminum, you can rest assured that this reel will last a long time.

Its body and rotor are made of graphite, making it responsive but rigid at the same time. Completely corrosion free, it ensures an effortless operation with its nine ball bearings and one anti-reverse that offer you even more crank control.

It features a multi-disc drag system with oiled felt and stainless steel washers that let you drag different weights, depending on the model number you buy.

Lastly, its anti-reverse system provides with a one-way clutch bearing that brings a sure-click bail technology.

However, it is not recommended for offshore or even inshore saltwater. Named after the Alaskan bears that catch salmon up in the north, this Kodiak spinning reel is an exceptional item that will improve and simplify your fishing experience.

Its body is made of zero-flex aluminum, and its spool is CNC machined of the same material. This offers an outstanding power that will give you the chance to catch even the strongest and fattest fish.

On the inside, it has carbon matrix washers and stainless steel drag washer while also presenting a waterproof design. Its handle is aluminum, too, and it has an EVA knob for a better grip.

Likewise, it can be interchanged from one side to the other making optimal for both left and right-handed people. Its amazing waterproof features allows you to use this spinning reel in saltwater without worrying about its durability.

In addition to that, its incredible drag power makes it ideal to catch big fish species. The Penn model is a watertight spinning reel that offers incredible drag and an anti-reverse bearing feature that makes its low price undoubtedly worth it.

This spinning reel features a highly durable construction made of a full metal body, a sideplate, and a techno balanced rotor that has a heavy-duty aluminum bail wire.

It has been equipped with a HT Slammer drag system that offers an extreme drag range and smooth operation. This model has a large diameter drag knob that allows you to drag to the max without your line breaking.

Similarly, each of its washers have been treated with a particular grease that lets the reel perform effortlessly for a long time.

The reel has five stainless steel ball bearings and an anti-reverse bearing that, put together, ensure that its cranking is fluid.

This reel comes with a friction trip ramp for cases where precise and long-distance casting is needed. This technological spinning fishing reel by Shimano is made with the most demanding anglers in mind.

Its parts have all been engineered for specific purposes that range from durability to water protection, and you can know them in detail below.

This lightweight, sturdy fishing reel comes with a front grad and offers an ultra soft reeling experience that few other models can. Its maximum drag capacity is of 20 lbs and it has a G Free Body that refines angler experience.

This last feature centers all the internal components, which ends up balancing the entire reel. In addition to that, its Coreprotect function keeps the water out of its body cavities.

This sturdy fishing reel performs nicely when used for fishing small species like trout, pikes, zanders, and perch in freshwater lakes.

However, it can still do great at near-shore saltwater fishing. This low-budget Penn model is the perfect solution if you are looking for a durable yet inexpensive spinning reel.

This last one makes it turn easily if needed. Its oiled felt drag system allows for enough drag pressure when battling against a strong fish.

Likewise, it works smoothly and its cranking is smooth. It has 4 shielded stainless steel ball bearings, and features an instant and infinite anti-reverse bearing to help you out when you most need it.

As for the spool, it is made of anodized aluminum. Lastly, the whole body is corrosion-resistant and it comes with an ergonomic handle that lets you hold it without feeling discomfort for a long time.

The Penn Pursuit II is best for all anglers out there who are on a low budget but would still like to acquire a high-quality fishing reel that will perform almost like an expensive model.

A solid-looking fishing reel, Abu Garcia has exceeded expectations with its nine ball bearings fishing reel that is equally weightless and strong.

This spinning reel weights only 6. It is a lightweight model that will gladly offer a lot of pressure when fishing, allowing you to throw small lure to catch mid-size fish.

The Revo SX has an adjustable, magnetic brake system, which is not only super easy to use but it also prevents backlash if the fish fights back.

The frame of this reel is an alloy one, making it very resistant to corrosion. It also has a carbon handle sideplate and a nice, sleek-looking black-and-red design.

Its housing and body materials make it a strong, durable reel. Its drag system features the Carbon-Matrix technology, which is but a set of carbon washers that ensure consistent drag pressure, even in the middle of a hard-to-catch fish.

The Revo Sx is great at baitcasting, especially in freshwater. This is a very strong reel that will give you a chance to catch fish that offer a hard fight.

If used in saltwater, make sure that you wash it properly before putting it away. Almost as affordable at its Pursuit cousin-model, this Fierce II fishing reel by Penn is another great example of performance and durability in an inexpensive item, because you can certainly have them both at the same time.

This is a heavy-duty spinning reel fully constructed of metal for its body and sideplates, and durable aluminum for the bail wire.

It also features anti-reverse bearing instantly, and its techno-balanced rotor outshines when leveraging. Models with higher numbers can catch and hold bigger fish and more line, respectively.

Fighting against mid-sized, fast fish. The reel and drag in this Penn model is just excellent and it will handle any saltwater or freshwater fishing without any problems.

This Shimano Sienna Fe undoubtedly presents certain improvements from other Shimano fishing reels. One of the main examples is its M-Compact body, which brings the rod and the oscillation gear much closer thus adding balance to the whole reel.

It also features a Propulsion Line Management System that lengthens the casting distance while it also prevents wind knots or backlashes.

Similarly, its Dyna-Balance technology helps to counterbalance the rotor which reduces dragging and retrieving vibration. In addition, the Sienna Fe has an anti-reverse Sure Stopper II design which removes back-play through its one-way roller bearing.

As for the line capacity, it can hold yards of 2lbs monofilament or 85 yards of 15lb PowerPro line.

It can easily drag up to 9lbs and it weights 7. The number of spinning reels and other fishing gear manufacturers is huge, although not all of them are as distinctive as others.

Among the brands that create high-quality spinning reels, you can find:. Shimano is a Japanese company well-known for selling high-quality items, all sports-oriented.

This huge brand manufactures products for cycling, rowing, fishing, and other gear that can be useful for anyone who leads an adventurous life.

In the fishing niche, they produce unbeatable spinning reels, fishing rods, lures, and lines, as well as clothing and other equipment you might want to add to your collection.

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